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You are encouraged to contact us.  I say "us" because I am not doing this alone. Many colleagues and friends have helped to inspire this site, and provided ears and feedback supporting and, at times, constructively redirecting my efforts.  I have also enjoyed terrific technical support from my server team at And from (Karelia Software).

All suggestions to improve the site's appearance or appeal will be much appreciated.

But, of course, we are most interested in other possible solutions to global warming problems that are already occurring.

Please do NOT tie us up with arguments -- pro or con -- about the reality of global warming.  We have literally no time for that.  

We realize that perhaps the most effective answers, in the long run, are preventive.  Meaning measures to reduce green house gases.  But that is old news, and not what this site is about.  

We are about using technology --modern science and engineering --to attack any consequence of the earth's warming.  Any problem we are already experiencing. 

We would also much appreciate any help in speeding the implementation of the first solution offered here: greatly expanded desalination and transportation of sea water to land usage.  Let us emphasize that this help may extend well beyond the technical.  Funding sources, including venture capital, are critical. Hey, there is money to be made here!  Other funding sources, including private foundations, who fund for humanitarian goals are equally relevant.  If you are in government or active in influencing public spending for projects of this nature, your efforts will certainly be just as appreciated.  In fact projects on this scale nearly always require government backing.  Check the history of railroads, for instance. 

Thank you.

You can reach us at: